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Ramachandran's paintings at
ARTexpo NEW YORK  2008
Booth#313 on 28 Feb-3Mar 08


Ramachandran’s  “Third Eye Series” Paintings at ARTexpo  New York 2008


 At ART expo New York 2008, Ramachandran  exhibited   the   original painting INTIMACY , one of the famous “THIRD EYE SERIES” paintings for the first time in USA.

Third Eye Series present in a unique abstract style, different views of the same object, superimposed in the artwork, which   attracts and holds the close attention  of  the viewers presenting them a challenge to unravel the  hidden mystery and beauty of the painting.

 Art critic Subhash says  ” Ramachandran’s    Third Eye Series,  often baffles viewers, challenging the preconceived assumption of the eye and brain, raising questions about perception and subconscious. His works are disquieting, emotionally replete, and and  expose the  mystery of human life. The true genius of Ramachandran is in the way he enriches our vision and enhances our perceptions through his art.”

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