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Narayanan  Ramachandran, well-known Indian painter, is a self taught artist who belongs to no school ,follows no formula, and his art is not limited by traditional artistic style. He has personalized art form, to produce works that are luminous, mysterious and unique.

 He lives and works in Chennai, India. His internationally acclaimed works are shown by 25 galleries in USA, UK and EUROPE.

His  unique style of painting and innovative composition in “Third Eye Series” where several intriguing images which are at once confusing and provocative  are superimposed , impart interesting variations to the subject , lending mysticism, originality and vibrations to the art work. As the artist says ” Third Eye Series is a contemplative exploratory and path breaking artistic work, which enquires into roots of our consciousness in search of peace, through the medium of art.”

 He has participated in prestigious international exhibitions in USA and France, and he was invited to exhibit at Florence Biennale Internazionale dell Arte Contemporanea Italy, Art Metz France, Art Expo NewYork and Art International Zurich .

Ramachandran is ranked as 2nd Most Popular Artist among international viewers , by famous Art Gallery ART BOOMER.

Reputed international gallery MY INFO has listed Ramachandran as Higest Rated Artist among  list of Top artists compiled by them in 2007.

He is the recipient of Vishist  Seva Medal from President of  India,     a national award given  in recognition of his outstanding work.

For purchase of Original oil paintings and rights to produce posters, prints and Greeting cards, please  contact Artist Narayanan Ramachandran.

email : ganpat4@yahoo.co.in

Recent works of Ramachandran
ART EXPO  NewYork 2008   Ramachandran exhibits at Booth # 313 ,28-2-08
"INWARD JOURNEY SERIES" Paintings of Ramachandran
Ramachandran exhibits at ART METZ exhibition held in France, April 2005
FLORENCE BIENNALE exhibition in ITALY  invited Ramachandran to exhibit his works in Dec 2005
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